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Passover Yoga at Ganeinu Preschool

By Chana Novack

Preschool is a place where creativity and tradition come together to create meaningful learning experiences for young children. To make learning fun and engaging for the kids, Ganeinu Preschool introduced a unique approach to teaching Passover–yoga. At Ganeinu, they believe in nurturing not only the minds but also the bodies and spirits of their students. Through movements and poses, children get to embody the story of the Exodus and the symbolisms of the Seder in a whole new way. 

With children stretching their arms wide to symbolize the parting of the Red Sea or hopping like a frog to represent the 10 plagues, they learn about the rich traditions of Passover. It's a holistic approach that engages children's imaginations and connects them more deeply to the holiday. By incorporating yoga, we foster a sense of mindfulness and reverence for the holiday. It's about creating a way for every child to find their own unique way to connect with the story of Passover. 

At Ganeinu, Passover isn't just another lesson—it's an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on our students. Through the magic of yoga, Ganeinu made learning about Passover a joyous and meaningful journey for all. 

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