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Foggy Forest

Jewish Jax is a warm and welcoming neighborhood with a sprinkle of southern charm, mixed with lush greenery, and where people from diverse backgrounds feel a sense of warmth and belonging. No matter your religious level, political leanings, or your stance on public health policies, anyone and everyone is accepted with an understanding that respect, decency, and love for your neighbor are the basic tenets of this beautifully quiet and peaceful Northern Florida community.


Jacksonville has its perk, here are just some of them:

Jacksonville Jewish.png


With Florida SB202 in effect, your child will be receiving approximately $8k a year toward tuition from K-12!



There are Kosher Food & Kosher Dining options.



The Eruv is large and expandable.



There is a local Kollel and other opportunities to nourish yourself spiritually.



There are plenty of job opportunities in the financial, construction, and medical space.



 There are 2 Mikvaot to

choose from.

Jacksonville Jewish.png


No state income tax and low property tax.



There are 3 Elementary Day Schools and a girls high school.



Great Retirement and Senior Living options.


Yeshiva High School

Coming soon... Use the contacts page for more information.



Affordable Apartment Rentals,

Affordable Homes & Co-ops



It's the best of Florida! The hurricanes don't hit as hard as the south and nor does the humidity, there are mild winters too.

WHO will love Jax:

Beach goers: Jacksonville has many beautiful beaches to choose from.


Fitness enthusiasts: We have marathons coming through the Mandarin area of Jax.

Pet owners: Jax is a pet friendly city with lots of dog parks.

Nature lovers: There are so many beautiful hikes and trails in the area to explore.


Boat renters/owners: Living right off of the St. Johns River has its perks!

Homeschoolers: With beautiful weather, Jax is appealing to homeschooling families.


Medical professionals: Jax is home to many esteemed medical centers.

Gardeners: With homes that come with big backyards, you’ll be frequenting your local nursery.


Community builders: Every Jewish person in Jacksonville matters. Join us in growing this wonderful Jewish community and be a part of what makes Jax such a wonderful place to live. 

With no state or city taxes, Jacksonville is a very affordable choice for young Jewish families. A variety of housing options include apartments, townhomes and single-family homes. The starting price of a 3-4 bedroom house is anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000, with average property taxes of $3000/year. Rent is also affordable, with a 3-bedroom apartment starting at $1500/month.

Job opportunities range from finance and medicine to the military. The city has light traffic, with an average commute of 25 minutes. Major medical centers include Mayo Clinic, UF Health System and Nemours Children’s Hospital. Retirees can enjoy independent living at the Coves or extra care at River Garden Nursing Home next door.


Jacksonville is home to the St. Johns River and the largest urban park system in the country. Residents enjoy exploring the beaches and parks during Jacksonville’s mild winters, with temperatures in the mid 40’s to low 70’s.

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